COVID-19 claims one county resident

A Moody County resident died last week as a result of the COVID-19 virus, the first death in the county since the pandemic began in March.
The death was listed as of Saturday on the state’s coronavirus page on the state Department of Health’s webpage. The state does not release names nor individual towns when reporting the data.
Moody County also has had nine people who have been hospitalized during the pandemic, a number that has increased slightly recently.
State data as of Monday noon showed that the county has had 144 positive cases, with 50 people still contagious. Another 996 people have tested negative over the last seven months.
The county’s active positive cases on Monday accounted for 35 percent of those tested since the state started collecting data. On Saturday, nearly 73 percent of people tested were positive. That is the percent of those who were positive compared with the number tested that day, or 8 out of 11 people.
The Flandreau School District has had two additional students who are positive with COVID-19, both of them in the high school and in isolation. That brings the number of students who have had the virus to four since school started. The first two students and three staff who have tested positive are back in school.
Colman-Egan does not publicly report their data.



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