County sells abandoned property, looks at fixing extension building

Moody County will sell an abandoned Egan property to a Trent couple who wants to build a four-unit apartment building.

The property, which the county was unable to collect taxes on for a number of years, will be sold to Larry and Kathy Baty, for $601.01 through a sealed bid process. The county received two bids, including one for $511 from Steve and Mary Witte. The Batys have indicated to the county their interest in providing multi-family housing in Egan.

As part of the sale, the Batys will have to remove the existing mobile home, which has been condemned. The county, in the meantime, will mow the grass because it has gotten tall.

The county and town of Egan have removed all taxes and fees associated with the property. The county attempted to sell the property once before but there was a lack of interest because unpaid fees were attached to it.

After the cost of advertising the property for sale is subtracted, the county will disperse the remainder of the money from the sale under the county’s levy formula.

In other business,

  • Commissioners discussed upkeep needed at the county extension building and are considering getting the ceiling and walls in one room replaced yet this summer before Head Start begins to use the building when school starts.

Marty Skroch, assistant to the commission, said one contractor said the work could be completed yet this summer for about $20,000. The commission asked Skroch to check that price with at least one other contractor and bring information to the next meeting. The county does not have to bid the project.

“We need to update the building,” Commissioner Carla Bruning said. Commission Chairman Jerry Doyle agreed and said work needed to be done whether Head Start was going to use the building. The program will pay the county $800 a month in rent.

  • The county board of adjustment approved a variance for a machine shed on Tom LeBrun’s property on 232nd Street. The family wanted the variance because of the way the ground is in that area, said his son, Dusty LeBrun.

The board also approved a variance for Curt Nelson to plant lilac trees as a shelterbelt closer to the road at his home at 470th Avenue and 225th Street. Nelson said he plans on taking out some dogwoods and opening up his yard to make it a larger area for his children to play.

  • The joint board of planning and commissioners approved permission for a housing site on property Paul Antoine is selling. The site is 6.39 acres for a home to be built at the corner three miles south and one mile west of Egan.
  • Assistant to the Commission Marty Skroch swore in Kris Grootwassink as register of deeds. Grootwassink, was appointed to the position when the previous register of deeds Gail Meyer retired, was unopposed in this year’s election. Her salary is $50,356 a year.
  • Commissioners got an early look at part of the budget process for next year. Under the budget preparation, commissioners will look at law enforcement contracts for Colman, Egan, Trent and Ward at its June 19 meeting. The county also is preparing wage recommendations for county employees and department budgets. Commissioner Rick Veldkamp said he would like travel and conference expenses for the county broken out so that commissioners can see what that costs each year. “I’m curious what it is,” he said.

After several steps, a provisional budget is scheduled to be adopted in September.

  • The county hired Shauni Dietrich at $25 for a nurse to staff an ambulance as needed when patients are transferred from the local hospital to a bigger hospital. She also will be available for other ambulance calls at a $12 an hour.

EMT Taylor White was made a full-time employee instead of a temporary full-time employee, which had been his previous status. Dave Flatten was hired as a dispatcher for 911 services at $14.37 an hour.

  • The commission approved the city to use the courthouse grounds for its 150th anniversary next summer if needed for concerts and vendors.
  • Commissioners were told that the county overlay road project that was budgeted at $850,000 came in lower at $806,000.





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