County COVID numbers rising

As state health officials and local care providers continue to monitor an uptick in  COVID numbers and other viruses, we are all being urged to be diligent and take normal precautions to avoid getting ourselves or others sick.  
Moody County is currently considered among the counties with high community spread of COVID. As of Monday, November 22, there were 51 active cases in the county. Statewide, active COVID-19 infections increased to 6,865, according to the Department of Health.
Kristi Olson, Clinic Manager for with Avera Medical Group Flandreau, said that fortunately the staff there has not seen any positive influenza cases through the hospital or clinic, yet. “We have seen some other SD Department of Health reportable diseases, but not influenza. We also have not seen very much RSV or respiratory infections.”
At the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal Clinic, Administrator Cindy Jacobs says they too have seen more cases of COVID and other viruses recently. Most of the COVID cases are in small pockets of largely unvaccinated family or friends, she told The Enterprise. Fortunately, in the dozen or so cases they’ve seen of COVID, there are no hospitalizations and many have been relatively asymptomatic.
Jacobs adds given the concern with COVID, the clinic is seeing more people coming in to be tested with respiratory ailments so that is leading them to see that a number of other viruses are circulating more throughout the community.
Olson’s advice to stay well, especially with the holiday season approaching and more of us gathering, “Get your flu shots! We highly encourage you to get the COVID vaccine as well. We can all do our part by frequent hand washing and getting immunized to help prevent the spread of diseases.”
Avera Medical Group Flandreau offers Pfizer COVID clinics every Monday 8:30-4pm by appointment only. School age kids can get the vaccine by appointment only Mondays 3:30-4:15pm. All Pfizer booster shots are available as well but for Moderna, only the 3rd dose/boosters are available and that is just on Tuesday afternoons 1-4pm by appointment only. Moderna 1st or 2nd doses boosters are not available.
“We would just like to thank the support from the community and those patients that are doing their part by getting the influenza and COVID vaccines. Always call your primary care provider if you have questions regarding your health care. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can,” said Olson.
FSST is also offering COVID vaccination and flu shots.