Council approves change order for First Avenue project

Flandreau city council members approved a change order to the water and wastewater replacement project along First Avenue last Monday at their meeting.

The change order has four components. First is a request for additional funding totaling $96,692.40 where concrete pavement, sidewalk and curb and gutter need to be removed and eventually replaced.

This is in order to accommodate a section of storm sewer and to make some water connections.

The section of storm sewer is from the inlet in front of the hospital on Crescent Street. There is currently no storm sewer at that location.

For the project, it was not anticipated that all the concrete would have to be moved in order complete the storm sewer work.

City Administrator Don Whitman checked with an engineer at Clark Engineering to see if the funds were available in a contingency to do the work and was assured they are.

Second, the contractor has requested to put off the last part of the project, along First Avenue from West to Wind Street until the beginning of construction season in 2018.

He will still plan to complete everything else on the project as planned, including paving and seeding.

Third, the contractor is also requesting to construct alternate bid 2, which includes the replacement of additional water and sewer lines, at the beginning of construction season in 2018.

Fourth, and finally, he is asking for a time extension in order to construct the first two items in the change order.

The construction work currently happening will be held to the existing completion date of November 3, 2017.

The contractor asked for a substantial completion date of July 25, 2018, in order to complete the remainder of the project.

Council members agreed that the change order seemed well thought out and voted to approve the requests as presented.

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