Colman also prepares for major sewer and water projects

As Flandreau prepares for an open meeting with the public on a series of upcoming major infrastructure projects, plans are well underway in Colman for the changes coming to that city’s water and wastewater treatment systems.
A public meeting was held for residents earlier this year on the projects mandated by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
“Due to above normal precipitation in recent years which lead to high groundwater levels the City has needed to discharge wastewater from the treatment facility multiple times a year in excess of the allowed number of discharges,” Mayor Mike Preheim told the Moody County Enterprise. “The excess discharges were completed in accordance with the DANR water quality standards and no polluted water was released. However, the additional discharges resulted in a request by the DANR that the City address the excess volume of wastewater into the collection system caused by inflow and infiltration.”
Colman hired a professional engineering consultant, completed an inflow/infiltration study, and submitted a facility plan summarizing proposed improvements. City officials are now preparing to follow through with the improvements identified in the study.
Some updates have already been made. Three other phases, set to begin in 2024, will address any remaining concerns through new PVC sewer mains.
“One project will be completed in conjunction with the proposed Hwy 34 Reconstruction scheduled for 2025. Another project will occur in the Southern Heights Addition in 2024, and the final project will be completed in the western portion of the collection system in 2026,” said Preheim.
The estimated cost for all three phases is $1,995,000. Funding through the DANR Board of Water and Natural Resources was approved however, for the entire proposed project ($758,100 in Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan and a $1,236,900 American Rescue Plan Act Grant).
Preheim added that the City also requested funding for improvements to the Water Distribution System for one block of water main replacement and some water main looping to improve water supply in the eastern portion of the community. The estimated total project costs there is $480,000. The DANR Board of Water and Natural Resources approved funding for that entire proposed project as well with $230,400 in Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan and a $249,600 American Rescue Plan Act Grant.
Upgrades to Flandreau’s infrastructure will be partially covered by ARPA and DANR funds. How the rest of it gets funded, that is something Flandreau city officials are looking to discuss with the public ahead of any formal decisions. The mayor and city council are working to set a date for a community meeting in the coming months. We will share any updates as soon as that information becomes available.


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