City extends street completion project

Brenda Wade Schmidt

The contractor in charge of the First Avenue water and sewer project will have until Aug. 10 to complete the work, the Flandreau City Council said.
The council voted July 2 to allow the extension from the original completion date of July 25 because additional work has been included in the project. The city has added ADA ramps to specific sidewalks on First Avenue to comply with federal requirements.
“We did ask for more work,” said Shane Waterman with Clark Engineering. H&W Contracting of Sioux Falls did agree to do the work.
If the company isn’t able to meet the Aug. 10 deadline, it would face liquidated damages for each day it is not completed.
The council also voted to pay H&W $191,464, which is pay for work that has been completed, including curb and gutter, driveway and sidewalk along specific blocks of First Avenue. It also includes the installation of water and sanitary sewer and storm sewer in specific areas.

In other business,
•The city has created a Facebook page called Flandreau City Government as a way to share information and promote things the city does, said Jeff Pederson, city manager. The city also will look at enhancing the existing webpage,, by adding more photos and additional information.
“I’m committed to those things and to maintaining a more robust presence going forward,” he said.
•The council went into an executive session that included two representatives from Clark Engineering for about 50 minutes but did not vote on any issues when the session was over.
•City workers sprayed for mosquitoes before July 4, about the typical time of the year for the spraying, Pederson said.
•The local South Dakota National Guard unit has agreed to a cleanup activity this fall, he said. The guard’s help in hauling out items people want to get rid of has been talked about in advance of next year’s 150th anniversary.
Dan Sutton, council president and an organizer with the anniversary and all-school reunion celebration, said work is progressing in getting names and addresses of alumni, making plans for next year’s July 4 celebration, deciding on a logo and other planning. The next steps will include working on getting vendors, he said. Organizers are expecting more than 1,000 people from out of town just for the reunion banquet, he said.

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