Census completion for Moody County behind state percentage

Most likely after the 2020 census is complete, these numbers on entrance signs to Flandreau will be the same.

Moody County is slightly behind the state average when it comes to completing U.S. Census questionnaires for 2020.
But Flandreau is the largest participant in the county when it comes to residents who filled out their forms online and by mail. The town has had 53 percent of questionnaires completed and turned in, the majority of the filed at the Census website. The county as a whole has 51.5 percent of the forms returned.
South Dakota’s participation so far is 54.3 percent. Residents have until Oct. 31 to respond on their own, a date moved back because of the COVID-19 virus, according to the census information online.
The census, which is required to be taken every 10 years by the federal government, helps determine where federal money goes, based on population.
Some examples of how federal money is distributed because of the census numbers can be seen with federal emergency management requirements and federal money that comes to the county for firefighting, said Marty Skroch, county human resources director and assistant to the commission.
“It does trickle down,” he said.
Other towns in the county have varying percentages of participation with a high of 46.6 percent Egan to a low of 15.8 percent in Trent. Colman residents have self-responded at a rate of 32.7 percent. Ward is not listed in the government data.
The self responses so far this year compare roughly to total self responses in 2010, for the most part.
That year, 59.3 percent turned in their Census information on their own in Moody County, including 63.4 percent in Flandreau.
Colman has a participation rate of 46.1 percent, while Egan had a 67.4 percent rate. Trent’s self response among residents was in the single digits at 6.3 percent.


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