Buyer found for former Hispanic market, Corner Café

Flandreau lawyer Corey Bruning is purchasing the former Corner Café with plans to lease the property to a business.
Bruning said he has someone in mind and has talked with them about leasing the ground floor space that was a long-time restaurant. Most recently it was Victoria café and a Hispanic market, but it closed more than a year ago.
Bruning kept the kitchen equipment in case someone wants to open a café. But the person he has in mind is interested in a different kind of business, he said.
“It will be set up so that will be an opportunity. The person I was talking to was not looking at that for right now,” he said.
Bruning takes possession of the property next month. He said he is optimistic about the business opportunities and wants to reinvest in the community.
“You want to keep main street vibrant,” he said. “I think it goes a long way to keeping our main street spirit.”
Upstairs, he will freshen up the living quarters and rent that out, too.
Bruning, a Flandreau native, said he spent time at business when it was the Corner Café.
“I absolutely have a ton of great memories, eating the pie at the corner café and their taco salads,” he said.


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