Businessmen, brothers invest in 24-hour Flandreau laundromat

Opera House Laundromat has 12 washers of various sizes in forefront of the photo and 14 dryers against the wall. The business recently opened across from the Crystal Theatre.

Flandreau residents in search of a public laundry facility can turn to the newly opened Opera House Laundromat.
Steve Pulscher and Shannon Pulscher, doing business as Double S Enterprises, opened the facility just over a week ago with 12 washers and 14 dryers. The community hasn’t had a laundromat since March of 2019 when the one in the Zandt building was boarded up after the building’s walls started crumbling.
“We just thought there was a need for one,” Shannon Pulscher said. The brothers had the open space after Gone2Pieces moved out and down the street on Second Avenue and thought the timing was good for the laundry facility.
They named the business the Opera House Laundromat because a local history buff told them the building once was an opera house. It also was used as a car dealership by Julson Motors.
“We’ve had great response from people that have said this is what we need,” Pulscher said. “We obviously hope it gets used a lot by people.”
Owners will paint the outside of the building and install a sign. They are also working to get a few kinks out with some of the machines and then plan an open house.
The facility offers two 50-pound, two 35-pound and eight 18-pound washing machines that range in cost from $3 to $6 a load. Dryers run for a specific amount of time for each quarter inserted.
“They are machines that we bought from another person who puts laundromats together,” Pulscher said.
The business is open 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, and has security cameras in use.


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