Battle over road haul agreement continues

“I am not sure how soon it will be resolved since they are not cooperating with their road haul agreements,” Paul Schmidt said.
Schmidt, Supervisor for Blinsmon Township in southern Moody County, was offering an update Sunday evening on the status of its agreement with River Bend Dairy Group, the latest dairy confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) and a sister business, Moody Biogas.
Moody County Commissioners will hear an update on the standoff between the parties on Tuesday of this week as the issue, which has come before the county several times this year, remains at a standstill.
“As far as Moody Biogas, there are no hang ups,” said Schmidt, despite pipeline work on the project being abandoned in the township earlier this fall. But in regard to the Dairy, “The road haul agreement is a long ways from being completed. We are still waiting on the Dairy to give us answers why this is not getting completed. The only thing we have been told is that they didn’t like the bid that came in for the road rebuild to asphalt. I am not sure how soon it will be resolved since they are not cooperating with the road haul agreements.”
Legal counsel for both parties appears to be working toward a resolution that would include a road rebuild, Dairy representative Paul Kotsboth said.
“I believe everyone’s goal is to have the project completed in 2023 and do know that in the meantime River Bend has continued to maintain and provide dust control on the roads as needed while the details of the eventual rebuild get worked out.”