Another shipment heads to Nicaragua

The semi was packed to the top with more medical supplies and equipment when volunteers helped the organization Helping Kids Round First last Saturday. Prior shipments have been sent to the country to aid them with items that we consider basic equipment in the United States. This truckload will head to San Diego and then be loaded on an ocean barge for the final leg of 20 plus day journey. Some of those who were on hand to aid in the truck’s loading are from left, Tanner Harris, Alyce Kontz, Jarad Wagner and Marlys Drewes.

Helping Kids Rounds First is a nonprofit organization based in Flandreau that brings baseball equipment and provides instruction to youth in rural Nicaraguan communities every year. In late 2016, after years of bringing basic medical and hygiene products to the country, the organization was offered the entire contents of the Madison remodeling hospital to bring to Nicaragua. Other area hospitals are following suit and have contributed much needed equipment and supplies. The organization is also helping with basic farming instructions for the farmers there as well.


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