A Preview of the Year Ahead

The area around the Flandreau Dam is one area slated for improvements in the year ahead. The approaches on both sides will see renovations while the Crescent Street Bridge cross the river at the dam is scheduled for demolition.

Moody County continues to grow, both in terms of the number of people seeking to once again live or work here, as well as the resources needed to sustain and grow any of it. As a result, our cities, the county, the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe and or friends, neighbors and businesses are taking on a number of noteworthy initiatives in 2022. Among the initiatives and stories to watch for this coming year:
In Flandreau, improvements are scheduled in and around the Flandreau dam area and the Crescent Street Bridge. Currently, plans include improvements to access areas on both sides of the river at the dam and the removal of the Crescent Street Bridge. Major utility projects continue as well as the construction of a new fire station. Bids will be sought in early 2022 for the project slated to go in just south side of the Courthouse. City Ordinances will also be reviewed and recodified. A unique brand for Flandreau continues to be discussed, and some some big hires will be needed to replace several outgoing longtime city staff, including Randy Wilts with the Parks Department and finance officer, Karen Gundvaldson.
In Colman, there are currently no major water or sewer projects planned, however electrical lines will be buried along north Allen Avenue to better prevent electrical outages in the community. The Sunrise Ridge and Redrock housing developments continue to grow south of Highway 34. And, while plans have yet to come in on a location for a new bank, Bank West does intend to open a new branch in Colman. Otherwise, Mayor Gloria VanDuyn says expect to see Colman continue to thrive and attract opportunities both where businesses and events exist, and as well when campers return in the spring to the campground and families return to the swimming pool, golf course and ball fields. Among the challenges heading into a new year is the upkeep of the present infrastructure and repairing streets on a tight budget as well as good drainage throughout town to prevent flooding during large rainfalls.
The Flandreau Santee Sioux continue to further develop properties in and around Flandreau for both business development as well as health care. The new nursing home is scheduled to be complete later this year along with additions to the medical marijuana program, among other businesses. Given the growth and the need for additional staff, tribal leadership in 2021 announced plans for new mixed use commercial/residential housing developments. The tribe also announced this past fall, plans for a new wellness center, although no specific timeframe was given for construction. The planned location is just to the south of FSST’s community center on Broad Avenue.
County officials will look to distribute millions of dollars in American Rescue Plan Act funds to the projects deemed most appropriate or in need. Among the initiatives that townships, cities and businesses have submitted inquiries for thus far, include water and other infrastructure projects. Several major bridge repair or replacement projects are slated to move forward in 2022. The water projects, in particular, many are playing close attention to. The Moody County Enterprise will further detail the need and the unique solution being explored in a future edition. As always, there are issues, events and goings on in Trent, Egan and Ward that the MCE always looks to cover as well. We look forward to being a trusted resource for you in 2022 and hope that you’ll consider contacting our newsroom when you have a story or an issue that you’d like to see us cover. Send story ideas and happenings to Carleen at [email protected]


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